100% Recovery Readiness

EnsureDR’s vision is to enable every organization to achieve 100% Recovery Readiness

The EnsureDR Recovery Readiness Software Platform focuses on the recoverability of the enterprise, because in the event of a real DR scenario, the ability to continue to function as a business is the only thing that matters.

The Problem – Replication does not guarantee successful disaster recovery

Enterprises that focus their DR capability solely on replication of data from the production site to the disaster recovery site, have no way of knowing if they are able to recover in the event of a real DR scenario. Many large enterprises live with the fear that their DR site will not provide a seamless transition that will allow for the continuation of normal business operations. Other enterprises, in particular SMBs, that have not sufficiently invested in their DR site, live with the hope that it will perform as expected in a real DR scenario.

The Solution – Automation of thorough and frequent DR testing to Ensure 100% Recovery Readiness

EnsureDR empowers an enterprise to be 100% certain, that in the event of a real DR scenario, they will be able to recover and facilitate uninterrupted uptime and continued business operations. This remarkable achievement is enabled through proprietary automation technology that allows thorough, frequent and cost-effective testing of all DR procedures on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. As a result, the EnsureDR software platform exposes all deficiencies in DR procedures prior to an actual DR event, and ensures that the enterprise achieves 100% Recovery Readiness, 100% of the time.    

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Our Vision​

“The EnsureDR Software Platform, featuring automated DR testing with its unique Recovery Readiness Score, enables EnsureDR to empower enterprises of any size to go beyond unreliable recovery technologies and to achieve 100% Recovery Readiness and become the global authority and standard for Recovery Readiness.” – Uri Shay, CEO