EnsureDR introducing

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A new innovative public cloud DRaaS solution for MSPs

Built on top of the AWS cloud infrastructure and the AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Service, EnsureDR DRaaS is the first public cloud DRaaS service for MSPs. The solution offers MSP multitenant management, customer self-tenant visibility, easy-to-build DR scenarios with automated testing and live recovery, as well as amazing recoverability reporting and dashboards

Key benefits

The power of DRaaS in public cloud for MSPs

EnsureDR DRaaS V2 is a new innovative solution for MSPs or any service provider looking to offer the new generation of “disaster recovery as a service” based upon public cloud to their customers. EnsureDR DRaaS is the first public cloud DRaaS offering for MSPs. Built on top of AWS cloud infrastructure and AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Service. Capabilities include: innovative MSP multitenant management view, customer self-tenant visibility and easy to build DR scenarios with automated testing and live recovery, as well as amazing recoverability reporting and dashboard. The customer will enjoy the benefits of DRaaS in the public cloud with the dedicated service of an MSP. The MSP will have almost zero investment up front, and all customers will be under the MSP`s AWS tenant, enabling the MSP to charge the customer directly for his service.

EnsureDR provides end-to-end DR automation to recover and test the availability and configuration of servers, networking, applications, databases, infrastructure assets and resources, web portals, domain controllers and more.   

Amazing reports for management

The EnsureDR Recovery Readiness Platform™ works with AWS DRS, enabling recovery testing intuitively. This platform engages the DR cloud’s data center and tests the availability for: servers, applications, databases, resources and web portals. Connecting the DR environment to an isolated network. 

EnsureDR adds an enhanced level of cloud resiliency to the Disaster Recovery plan as “disaster practice makes recovery perfect”. The first concern businesses have is the time the business will be shut down in the event of a real disaster. EnsureDR`s sophisticated troubleshooting engine will fix errors automatically and produce detailed logs so any IT member can find the specific problem that needs urgent attention in the shortest possible time; allow viewing of past problems and their remediation with no need for costly investigation and time wasted. The test assures and confirms the data is: Consistent and Correct; Restorable; Accessible and Intact.

With EnsureDR DRaaS you can quickly start offering your customers innovative DRaaS in the public cloud with almost zero up-front investment and with the most powerful DR technology available