Effectively manage network requirements

EnsureDR simplifies the most challenging part of DR Testing - the Network!

Completely isolated testing

  • Create a completely isolated network for DR Testing
  • Eliminate production errors due to a “split-brain” network
  • Reduce production errors that occur with testing

Ensure the availability of network components

  • Replicate the domain controller to ensure availability 
  • Identify shortcomings in the network architecture safely during testing to remediate before issues arise

Effectively support business requirements

  • Automated failover testing reduces costs
  • Precisely measure downtime to enable the business to create effective contingency plans
  • Frequent testing builds confidence the business can recover

The most significant problem with any disaster recovery is organizations are not completely sure that it will work. Annual testing is not enough and will in no way prepare you for a disaster. EnsureDR addresses this painpoint with the ability to test often, giving organizations the confidence they can recover and successfully overcome any type of outage. 

Key Feature

  • Actual Recovery Time
  • Recovery Readiness
  • Autofix
  • Support for all replication methods


  • Transform objectives to actuals. Reduce business risk with precise downtime measurements. 
  • Easily assess your ability to recover with a single score
  •  If failures arise, EnsureDR will attempt to remediate the issue on-the-fly to secure a successful DR test and enable IT to correct the issue before the next scheduled test.
  • A sophisticated architecture accelerates the inclusion of other replication methods.