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Automate DR Testing

Automate and execute DR testing as often as needed to reveal and remediate any issues.

Actual Recovery Time

In the event of an outage, whether it is a VM, application, physical server, or the entire site, your business cannot rely on an “objective.” Get the actual time to recover so your business can prepare for reality. 

Simplify a complex process

Seamlessly automate the entire DR failover process, regardless of replication technology used, for a simple and consistent recovery process. 

Reduce costs

Significantly reduce the time and effort for DR testing, freeing up resources for innovation while reducing costs

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A Single Unified Platform that
ensures DR Environment Integrity

Database and Application Integrity

Discover critical insights in your DR infrastructure that have never been visible. Drill down from the network layer all the way to the application/ database layer, from a custom defined server group to a specific VM.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

The increased burden placed on enterprises to achieve compliance to continuous regulatory changes requires a DR platform that is readily adaptable. EnsureDR enables an enterprise to be audit-ready at all times.

Provides a Single Source of Truth 

The platform delivers from a single touch point a 360° view of the entire DR environment. It eliminates blind spots and empowers users with full control and ownership of their entire DR environment.

Focus on Recoverability

Successful data replication does not guarantee recoverability. Instead of focusing on the replication of data, the platform allows users to measure and quantify recoverability of the DR site in the event of a real disaster scenario.

Why Businesses Love the
EnsureDR Platform


Our partnership with EnsureDR has far exceeded our expectations. We eliminated the need to manually test thousands of servers, each with a unique test sequence, which created a very complex process. Once our customers saw the process with EnsureDR they were amazed by the robust monthly report. They know their environment is protected, reliable, and safe. We have since grown our customer base by 40% with the high quality offering we have created wtih EnsureDR.” 


Eytan Buchbinder

Director of IT

L9 (1)

“EnsureDR has been key in helping us predict DR problems ahead and prevent us from dealing with them at the time of the disaster. The fact that we were able to identify weaknesses in the DR plan prior to an actual disaster situation has made EnsureDR paramount to our DR plan.”




Ofer Shpink


New Project

“EnsureDR has really helped us identify weaknesses in our DR plan prior to an actual disaster situation. Through EnsureDR, we are able to protect both the company and the company’s investment in DR Planning.”





Neil Hoffman

IT Manager

Do you know your Recovery Readiness Score?

Recovery Readiness Score – Recoverability quantified in a single metric.

EnsureDR uses a proprietary algorithm together with many years of DR consulting experience to quantify the recoverability of the enterprise in a single metric. This metric is called the Recovery Readiness Score or RRS. Through this single metric, enterprises are able to quantify their DR risk and make the needed adjustments and corrections to their DR environment. This enables them to achieve 100% Recovery Readiness and continue to function as a business in the event of a real DR Scenario.