Azure Cloud Readiness

EnsureDR For AZURE

Cloud Readiness


Validate Resiliency and Protect Your Organization 

Ensure Azure resiliency and DR readiness with a high degree of flexibility and deep insight. Consume Azure infrastructure and services, leveraging the DR and backup tools of your choice, today and tomorrow while dramatically improving business resiliency with automated DR testing and failover with EnsureDR. Throughout this process our platform learns your environment and best practices, identifies risks, and reduces exposure to down-time. 

Automated, end-to-end DR testing of individual applications or an entire data center with no impact to production or DR protection

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Leverage the replication and backup technologies best suited to your organization

Tools Maintenance

Automated, end-to-end DR failover with real-time remediation of issues leveraging EnsureDR AutoFix. 

Realize deep insight into Azure DR resiliency as well as end-to-end recovery of applications down to the minute 

Reduce the time and costs of DR testing in Azure 

Supports hybrid and cross region in-cloud Azure DR deployments 

Recovery Readiness for ASR

The EnsureDR Recovery Readiness Platform™ works with Azure Site Recovery, enabling recovery testing intuitively. This platform engages the DR cloud’s data center and tests the availability for: servers, applications, databases, resources and web portals. Connecting the DR environment to an isolated network. 

EnsureDR adds an enhanced level of cloud resiliency to the Disaster Recovery plan as “disaster practice makes recovery perfect”. The first concern businesses have is the time the business will be shut down in the event of a real disaster. EnsureDR`s sophisticated troubleshooting engine will fix errors automatically and produce detailed logs so any IT member can find the specific problem that needs urgent attention in the shortest possible time; allow viewing of past problems and their remediation with no need for costly investigation and time wasted. The test assures and confirms the data is: Consistent and Correct; Restorable; Accessible and Intact.

With ASR, EnsureDR identifies and fixes problems prior to a disaster situation by operating the secondary sites automatically, on a weekly basis – so if a disaster does occur, Azure users will still be able to function properly. EnsureDR’s management tools include a reporting engine and online User Interface Dashboard

Without periodic testing, the effectiveness of the disaster recovery plan erodes with time. Cloud and server environmental changes occur together with organizational changes, new services are introduced, and new policies and procedures are developed.  The EnsureDR Recovery Ready Platform automates the “testing & exercising phase”, which is the most important stage of business continuity planning and disaster recovery. 

EnsureDR supports also third-party tools for Azure like Zerto, SnapMirror for cloud volumes, Veeam, SRM w/ vSphere and Cloud Native DR.

Complete UP-TIME for fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) SQL database engine.


With EnsureDR for Azure SQL Database, you can make sure you get highly available and high-performance data storage layer for the applications and solutions in Azure. PaaS capabilities that are built into Azure SQL Database enable you to focus on the domain-specific database administration and optimization activities that are critical for your business. Since it’s critical, it has to function.

Completely isolated testing

EnsureDR DR test in Azure

  • Limited cost for DR testing, with automated tests executed overnight with complete verification
  • Full assessment of DR site ensuring alignment of DR and production
  • Single, unified platform to execute recovery, reduces down-time and costs
  • Installs seamlessly on the disaster recovery site, no impact to production environment
  • Automated (AI-Based) = Fast & Nimble
  • Real-Time remediation to address issues during failover and deliver the most complete availability and expert approach to repair

On-prem DR test

  • High cost tests with coordination of teams, sites, applications, which may not even lead to a verified test process
  • Scarce testing puts DR site, and most importantly recovery, at risk
  • Separate applications, separate replication tools, separate sites, separate teams increase cost and confusion
  • Inadequate tools and data movers with varying impact to production and the DR site
  • Manual = Slow, Costly and Complex
  • No remediation forces teams to troubleshoot issues on their own, delaying business processes while increasing costs

The most significant problem with any disaster recovery is organizations are not convinced a solution will be effective. Annual testing is not enough and doesn’t prepare you for an actual disaster. EnsureDR addresses this real challenge with the ability to test to the cloud frequently. This gives organizations confidence they can recover and successfully overcome any type of outage.