Recovery Readiness

Transforming recovery objectives to recovery actuals

What is Recovery Readiness?

Based on the results of an automated test, EnsureDR’s breakthrough algorithm calculates the recoverability of the environment and presents this as a single metric. This enables the organization to quickly and accurately determine what corrective action, if any, needs to be taken to increase the Recovery Readiness score. For the first time, organizations will be certain of their ability to continue business operations in the event of a disaster or other interruption. 

Measuring Recovery Readiness

  • Get a single number representing your business’ ability to recover in the event of an interruption
  • Accurately assess the risk associated with your recovery process
  • Answer the question – can I recover? 
  • Determine if any corrective action is needed to achieve a 100% Recovery Readiness score
  • Beyond replication, certify that the business will recovery

Automated recovery testing executed at your convenience

  • Ensure recovery of VMs, applications, networks, and sites
  • Evaluate the disaster recovery plan at the granularity you need: VMs, applications, or sites
  • Dramatically reduce risk by increasing testing frequency
  • Ensure patches, upgrades, and other changes to production have been executed on the DR site for 100% recovery

Clearly identify any issues that would occur during a failover

  • Testing often proves if recovery is possible
  • Autofix will correct issues on-the-fly, and identify issues that need to be addressed
  • Measure the impact of “Patch Tuesday”, network upgrades, and other updates