The EnsureDR
Recovery Platform

Modernize your approach
to disaster recovery

Proof of Readiness

The EnsureDR Recovery Readiness Platform focuses on the recoverability of the enterprise and up-time.


Recovery Time

Precise measurement
of downtime

recovery gaps

Comprehensive and detailed

Testing costs

Automated tested,
executed overnight

Readiness Score

Simple assessment of the ability
to recovery

Simple Assessment of Recoverability

  • The Recovery Readiness Score leverages an innovative algorithm to completely and simply assess the organization’s ability to recovery.
  • Easily comprehend the status of the business’ ability to recovery
  • Reduce risk with the ability to take corrective action before disaster strikes

Complete, Automated DR Testing​

  • Schedule a complete, site wide disaster recovery test – automatically – as often as needed
  • Ensure complete alignment of the production site and the disaster recovery site, removing the needs for extensive preparation efforts to execute a successful disaster recovery test
  • Identify and isolate gaps in your recovery process but scheduling the automatic testing of specific VMs and applications
  • Schedule one application or several and go beyond just a power-on confirmation of recovery, deliver true Proof of Readiness with business-user application availability

Robust Network Replication and Recovery

  • Ensure complete recovery with the ability to clone domain controllers
  • Support for multi-vLANs and multi-segments
  • Support for multiple default gateways and multi-DNS
  • Completely isolate the testing network to ensure no “split brain”

Autofix Capabilities

  • On-the-fly remediation reduces risk during testing
  • Assess the impact of identified issues

How Our Platform Works

The EnsureDR Difference


  • No cost DR testing with automated tests executed overnight with complete verification
  • Full evaluation of DR site ensuring alignment of DR and production
  • Single, unified platform to execute recovery reduces costs and simplifies recovery
  • Installs seamlessly on the disaster recovery site, no impact to production
  • Ensure the replication of network components and their availability when needed

  • Ensure end-user recoverability, with applications and VM booting up to ensure recovery
  • On-the-fly remediation to address issues during failover and deliver the most complete availability and offer an approach to repair

Other Solutions

  • High cost tests with coordination of teams, sites, applications, which may not even lead to a verified test process
  • Scarce testing puts DR site, and most importantly recovery, at risk
  • Separate applications, separate replication tools, separate sites, separate teams increase cost and confusion
  • Separate tools and data movers with varying impact to production and the DR site
  • Often overlooked, other solutions deliver partial or even no ability to ensure the availability of the network in the event of a disaster
  • DR Tests pass with a simple application, VM, or server power-on
  • No remediation forces teams to troubleshoot issues on their own, delaying results while increasing costs