Clearly measure the actual downtime

EnsureDR transforms objectives to actuals

What is RTA?

  • It is Actual Recovery Time – a statistic you can measure and track
  • Accurately measures the time applications and data will be unavailable to the business
  • Precisely measures the time it will take to ensure production is available after a DR event
  • Determine actual recovery time for a VM, application, or the site

Mitigate Risk

  • Accurately plan for outages to manage risk
  • Reduce costs with automated resting and a single solution

Effectively support business requirements

  • Automated failover testing reduces costs
  • Precisely measure downtime to enable the  business to create effect effective contingency plans

Confidence applications and data will be available

  • Test as often as needed to give the business confidence the DR plan will work
  • Automated testing reduces costs while ensuring business availability