Works with Your Existing Disaster Recovery Technology

The EnsureDR Recovery Readiness Platform compliments your existing DR technology infrastructure seamlessly – It does not replace it, making it easy to implement.

Partnerships with all major replication tools and storage vendors – EnsureDR has Technology Alliance Partnerships (TAP) with the major replication tool and storage vendors. It supports all major replication architectures and it is agnostic to the complexity of the DR environment.

The EnsureDR Recovery Readiness Platform focuses users on the recoverability of the enterprise and up-time and NOT on replication – The EnsureDR Recovery Readiness Platform maintains and monitors the recoverability of the enterprise through the following capabilities and features:


The automation of testing through custom test jobs that specify the server/group of servers, scope of tests and frequency of testing.

DR Status Report

The DR status of the enterprise at a glance, based on the last tests executed. The report captures detailed test results, including boot animation sequences per server and other critical metrics, such as the actual recovery time compared with the desired recovery time.

Complete Site Coverage

With one solution, spanning multiple locations, utilizing many different applications, replication tools, and physical servers/devices.

DR Dashboard

The dashboard assists senior management, risk managers, and technical staff to view the DR status of the entire enterprise from a single touchpoint. The dashboard aggregates DR resources spanning multiple geographical or virtual locations, a wide range of technology stacks, and considers all layers of the network from the physical resource layer up to the application layer. 

Recovery Readiness Score

The Recovery Readiness Score is based on a proprietary algorithm that quantifies in a single metric the recoverability of the enterprise when faced with a real DR event.

How does it work?