Why EnsureDR is a Transformational DR Platform

  • The major concern of all BCP solutions is with the ability to recover in the case of a disaster. This requires the DR site to be active, maintained and brought up-to-date every day. It has to show evidence that your business can function in the case of a disaster.
  • The EnsureDR software platform actively and frequently maintains the DR site to ensure your business can continue to function when facing any disaster.
  • EnsureDR focuses on the DR site. It turns on all servers, databases and applications and tests networking, security and hardware resources to ensure the ability to recover.



What is your Recovery Readiness Score?

EnsureDR uses a proprietary algorithm that quantifies in a single metric the Recovery Readiness Score of your enterprise, no matter how complex your DR environment is. The metric gives you total confidence of the ability of your enterprise to remain resilient in the event of a real DR scenario.

Measures your actual recovery time and indicates how to improve it by 80%

 EnsureDR has the unique ability to measure the actual time to recover (RTA) of your business and by comparing it to the desired recovery time, or the recovery time objective (RTO), you’ll be able to take the steps required to achieve a reduction in actual recovery time of 80%. 

Dashboard and reporting engine

The dashboard and reporting engine deliver a revolutionary capability for the efficient and effective management of Recovery Readiness.

The combined use of the reporting engine and dashboard provide a thorough analysis of the ability of the business to continue to function in the event of a disaster.